Hubb’s Farm is excited to welcome Tammy’s sister Cynthia House to the world of agritourism, welcoming the public to the farm.  Cynthia will begin to open her farm with a few tours in June.  Hubb’s Farm is thrilled to help The Sister Farm get its online presence started.



The Sister Farm

Welcome to our farm!

We were raised on a farm in Clinton NC, where we learned the importance of hard work, sustainability and community. Today we continue that tradition by raising meat goats on our farm in Salemburg, NC, using the knowledge and skills passed down to us by our family.

At our farm, we believe there is an importance in connecting with the land and animals that sustain us. Our goats are raised in a natural environment. They are free to roam, browse and play.

To teach the future generations about our way of life, we offer farm tours, picnics and a variety of other events to those that are seeking an authentic farm life experience. The picnics are in a beautiful and peaceful setting surrounded by the natural beauty of the farm. A perfect photo opportunity. The tours are a fun and educational experience for all ages. Visitors to our farm will have the opportunity to see our goats up close, learn about their behavior and habits, and they will get to participate in some farm activities, such as feeding or petting the goats.

Don’t miss out on this event, a must see for Christmas 2019!

Saturday, November 30, 2019