The Event of the Holiday Season – Polar Express & Santa Too!

Nov 8, 2019Hubb's Blog

“What would you like for Christmas?” said Santa Claus. “I want to go to Hubb’s Farm Polar Express & Santa too!” said everyone!

Let’s walk through Hubb’s Farm Holiday Funfest, experiencing more than just the classic holiday film on a screen.

All Aboard to the North Pole!

But first, let’s ride on a trackless train that takes us to the big man himself. Receive your Polar Express ticket, believe and come aboard! Ride through the farm that is completely transformed into a Winter Wonderland with inflatables, lights, and even snow!

“My family and I went for the first time ever for the Polar Express & Santa Too event. We enjoyed all the activities and everyone was friendly and welcoming! We also added another favorite Santa to our list as well. We will most definitely be back and will recommend this to everyone we know,” said newcomer, Leah D. 

Is that Santa Claus?!

Santa wants to meet every single child on his nice list and ask their wishes for Christmas. Even if you’re nervous, Santa will be patient with you, like with Lynne V.’s son “My toddler is a shy one but warmed up to Santa and I am just so happy! Thank you! They were the best flipping Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus! They were so flipping awesome that my toddler even “bopped” Santa’s nose and he laughed his jolly laugh,” said Leah. If Santa can make a shy toddler giggle, then he’ll make sure to make you all laugh his “ho, ho, ho’s” with him.

If you believe in Santa hard enough, you’ll be able to hear the ringing of the bell that you’ll receive from him. Not many people are able to hear the bell’s sweet sound, but if you believe, you’ll be able to hear it forever. Some might even say that the ringing and Santa are magic! Like Paola A., who said that her experience “was pure MAGIC! My son and family were amazed of how beautiful this was and the staff on the farm were so great and kind.” The children who visit Hubb’s aren’t the only ones on the nice list this year. The Hubb’s staff will be on there too!

Movie Time!

After a delightful visit with Santa, curl up next to a warm fire and watch the original movie on a blown-up screen. Wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, roast marshmallows, sip on some hot cocoa, and see how this famous classic comes alive right before your eyes. Even if you’ve seen this holiday film, this Christmas event is still a great one for all families. Recurring Hubb’s visitor, Ali K., said that Hubb’s during this time of year is a great place and there are so many friendly people. “We’ve been to the Polar Express and Santa Too for four years in a row. It’s a great time,” said Ali.

While watching the film, all warm and wrapped up in a blanket, keep an eye out for Santa! Maybe he will join and snack on some warm cookies and cocoa with you and your family! He’ll be there all evening and won’t leave until each child has a chance to visit with him.

During your stay, make sure to mingle with the farm’s holiday staff members! “My family and I went tonight for the Polar Express. The owner asked if there was anything he could do to improve our experience. The only thing I would do different is buy more tickets!! We had a beautiful, family friendly time. It was perfect,” said Angela E. Angela sends her thanks to the whole staff of Hubb’s! She knows first-hand that they are sure to bring you Christmas cheer!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Finally, after your tummies and hearts are full, it’s time to go home and wait upon Santa’s arrival in the next month! With all the children’s wishes in mind, he must get back to work at the North Pole to make sure each child gets what they wished for.

Santa’s presents aren’t the only things you’ll be waiting for! Friends and families will be patiently waiting for the next annual Polar Express & Santa Too! New visitor, Rhonda N, brought her family to this Hubb’s event for the first time. “Loved the hospitality and what a cute place! We had a great time and will definitely be back again,” said Rhonda. Yet, don’t fret! Even though this annual event only occurs once a year, Hubb’s Farm has their weekly event, Christmas on the Farm, beginning in December! Bring your friends, families, even your students! Regular Hubb’s goer, Kristine C. said that she enjoys “coming in the fall for field trips and the Polar Express! Such a cute and fun place!”

With all this rave about Hubb’s Polar Express & Santa Too, make sure not to miss out on Christmas on the Farm! Santa will be back right before he makes his Christmas deliveries! So, keep being good, and stay on Santa’s nice list by coming back to Hubb’s Farm to make more of your favorite holiday memories.

Learn more about this special Holiday event here! 

Don’t miss out on this event, a must see for Christmas 2019!

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