Golden Harvest Tour – This tour will not be offered Fall 2020



During our 2020 Fall Season we will be offering our most popular fall educational tour on a consistent basis.  We will only offer  the Pumpkin Power Educational Classroom.  This will be offered on Wednesdays and Fridays.   

We realize that lots of the schools who have attended our farm in the past, will not be able to come.  In order for us to be able to continue to offer educational tours, we will be opening up on these weekdays to the public as well.   

We will be scheduling visits to hour farm with TIMED TICKETING, limiting the numbers of guests arriving to our farm. 

As we open our fall season, we are planning for Wednesdays and Fridays to be open to the public and groups coming out for educational tours.  The price will be $12 per person and should be purchased in advance.  

To purchase tickets for our weekdays and to find our more details about what is included for our fall 2020 –  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO



The below information is not applicable for educational tours during the fall of 2020.  This information has been left on the website to show the detail that we have used when capacity and field trips have been growing at our farm.  We will be pivoting to create mobile field trips as well as virtual field trips to continue to provide agriculture education to the students and public.  Feel free to call us if you would like to talk with us further or to customize something for your group. 

Tammy Peterson  





Educational Field Trips – Previous to COVID-19


What does the number 890,000 represent? In 2017, this was the recorded number of acres of corn planted and harvested in North Carolina. During Hubb’s Farm’s Golden Harvest Tour, students will learn all about corn and how it is grown, harvested and consumed. Participants will be a-maized at the byproducts derived from corn, as it is truly a harvest of gold unlike any other! We’ll also explain how a corn maze is created using GPS technology.


Don’t miss out on this event, a must see for Christmas 2019!

Saturday, November 30, 2019