All Roads Lead To Hubb’s

Mar 25, 2019Hubb's Blog

The other day, I took my son Luke and a few of his friends to DefyGravity in Raleigh. It’s about 60 miles from us and took about an hour to get there.  It is nothing for us to jump and go to Raleigh. We do not think anything about it.

While they were playing, dodgeball mainly, I sat up in the parents’ area, working on some Hubb’ stuff and also talking with some of the other parents.  One of the ladies asked where we were from. I told where we were from Sampson County.  She knew approximately where I was talking about, and her immediate reaction was, “you drove ALL THE WAY here for this?”


Close to You

From that conversation, it dawned on me: I need to be sharing just how “close” we are to lots of places. Like I said earlier, we jump in the vehicle and go to Raleigh lots of time.

It’s a nice drive, actually. If you are coming from Raleigh to Hubb’s Farm, the route that I normally take is as follows: Travel about 20 miles east on I-40. Then in Benson, take NC-242 for about 12 miles. Then take a left turn on US-421, and we are less than 10 miles on the left.


The Scenic Route

NC-242 and US-421 are both scenic roads in rural North Carolina. You will travel out of Wake County, through Johnston County and into Sampson County. We can get to most places in Raleigh within an hour.

If you are making plans to come out to Hubb’s Farm and you are interested in motorsports, there is a great facility on NC-242: Galot Motorsports Park They have a state-of-the-art facility. You can plan a road trip and catch one of their events and visit our farm. Galot is not but about 15 miles from our farm.  Check out their calendar of events. They have things throughout the year.

See you soon at Hubb’s Farm.


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