Adverse Weather Updates

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2021 – Open 10 AM – 9 PM

10:37 AM UPDATE – it is currently raining at Hubb’s Farm.  Please make sure to check the weather before you head out and dress accordingly.  Today, rain gear (boots, rain jacket, umbrella) is something that you should bring along.  If you are using your weather app, you can enter zip code 28328 for the Hubb’s Farm zip.  We are located at Beamon’s Crossroads which is between Clinton and Dunn on Hwy. 421. We view the forecast on WRAL sometimes, but use whichever you would like to help you decide.  We are open 10 AM – 9 PM today.  


Information about weather policy and ticketing at Hubb’s Farm 

Hubb’s Farm will open on the days that it is scheduled to open rain or shine, unless weather conditions present a danger to our staff and customers.  In the case of rain, the farm will remain open with the exception of the Jump Pillow.  The Jump Pillow gets very slippery when wet and we consider it not safe.  We will close the Jump Pillow when it rains.  Once it dries off, it will reopen.  No refund will be given if the jump pillow or jump pad  is closed during your visit.  If the forecast is calling for rain, and you would prefer to reschedule, we will allow ticket holders to reschedule.  You must reschedule at least 2 hours in advance of your original ticket arrival time.   In order to reschedule you will need complete the Request to Reschedule

If you are rescheduling from a weekday to a weekend pass you will be responsible for paying the difference in the ticket prices.  We do not refund tickets nor do we refund differences if you choose to reschedule to a pass that is lesser in amount.   Complete our Request to Reschedule to request the change and to pay any difference in prices  Request to Reschedule.

You must notify Hubb’s Farm by completing the form prior to your original scheduled ticket date and time.

If Hubb’s Farm closes, updates will be posted on the website, facebook page, and voicemail.

If you have questions, please contact us at 910-564-6709.

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Saturday, November 30, 2019