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Fall at Hubb’s Farm 

September 26 – November 7, 2020

All ticketing will be sold online as we work to distribute the attendance out evenly throughout the day/evening.   Please purchase your tickets in advance of arriving,  

Hubb’s Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Animal Acres, and other Activities – Open to the Public 

   Wednesdays  | 10 AM – 6 PM  – $12 / person 
   Fridays | 10 AM – 4 PM – $12 / person

   Saturdays | 10 AM – 6 PM – $18 / person
   Sunday, | 11 AM – 6 PM – $18 / person

Hubb’s Friday Night Flashlight Maze

    Fridays | 7 PM – 10 PM – $10 / person

Hubb’s Farm Fall Drive-N Series 

   Saturdays | Gates Open at 7 PM
          $10 ages 12 and older
          $ 7 ages 3 – 11
         $40 carload            




Information about weather policy and ticketing at Hubb’s Farm 

Sunday,  October 25, 2020 (updated 10:00AM)

Hubb’s Farm will be open today, Sunday, October 25, 2020from 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Wear your rain boots and coats,

Hubb’s Farm will open on the days that it is scheduled to open rain or shine, unless weather conditions present a danger to our staff and customers.  In the case of rain, Hubb’s Farm will remain open with the exception of the Jump Pillow.  The Jump Pillow gets very slippery when wet and we consider it not safe.  We will close the Jump Pillow when it rains.  Once it dries off, it will reopen.  No refund will be given if the jump pillow is closed during your visit.  If the forecast is calling for rain, and you would prefer to reschedule, we will allow ticket holders to reschedule once.  In order to reschedule you will need to complete the Request to Reschedule Form

If you are rescheduling from a weekday or friday night flashlight maze ticket to a weekend ticket, you will be responsible for paying the difference in the ticket prices.  We not offer refunds nor do we refund any differences in prices if rescheduled to a lesser amount ticket.  

We ask that notice of at least 2 hours prior to your original date and scheduled time be given so that your original date/time may be added back into our time capacity system inventory and sold.

How to reschedule?Complete the Request to Reschedule Form. We will check availability of new date/time. Once verified, you will receive an email confirmation. 

If unused and no reschedule requested, your ticket is considered expired.  You will only be able to reschedule by paying a “restocking fee”.  Reschedule time will be subject to availability of date and/or time slots.  To pay the restock fee and request reschedule after expiration of tickets, please follow this link   Link to “Restock Tickets”

Please note: All unused tickets expire November 7, 2020

Hubb’s Farm Fall and Winter 2020

Year 2020 a year we will never forget!

First of all, please look around the website to find answers to your questions.  If you can’t find them please feel free to call Tammy at 910-564-6709.  If you feel that it is an URGENT (can’t imagine that it would be, however if you do) call her on her cell, 910-260-0490, I am sure she will be able to give you an answer.  Might not be exactly what you are looking but she will do what she can.

Lots of adjusting at our farm as we open our fall season to the public.  We have adjusted our days open, our hours open, activities open, our pass structure and our prices.  COVID-19 has provided us the opportunity to look at our business and regroup.  We want to continue to offer the quality events and activities at our farm and we want to make sure to do our part to keep our family, our staff, and our guests safe.  We realize that everyone has different motivators when they choose a place to visit.  We realize that Hubb’s Farm may not provide the activities or be priced at the level that everyone would like, and that is OK.  We have created a structure that we feel we can manage.  Thank you for choosing to come to Hubb’s Farm,.

Below is our statement regarding face coverings at our farm during our fall events.

We request face Coverings for the following:

  • When you are not able to social distance (a minimum of 6 ft) from individuals who are not in you social bubble.
  • On the following rides, Hubb’s Wagon Rides and the Hubb’s Terrainables Ride.
  • When inside the Farm Store

What ages do we require masks?

We are requesting that parents assist us by following the guidelines that have been set out in the Executive Order # 163 Dated September 1, 2020 established for Day Camps,  Section 3(2)d – children five (5) years or older wear a face covering.

You may also see all the details of our passes by visiting our online order page and clicking on the pass that you may be interested in.

Click here to view our passes:  CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND ORDER

We hope to see you out at our farm.

The Peterson Family



Hubb’s Farm – Your Year-Round Destination For Fun!

Hubb’s Farm is a favorite family destination throughout the year. Our agritourism farm offers family fun for all ages, with major spring, fall and Christmas events. We also welcome thousands of participants to our farm each season for educational tours.

Anytime our farm is not open for a scheduled event, it is available to be rented for private birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events and more. We are also a great location for major group sponsored events. Call us at 910-564-6709 and we’ll tailor an outing to your group’s specific needs.


What an interesting time 2020 has been so far!

We have worked hard to be able to open during 2020, and provide a safe place for our family, staff and customers to be.  All tickets are being sold on a timed ticketing basis.  To find out more about what activities are offered and the prices please click here. 

Fall Time at Hubb’s Farm

We are excited about our 2020 Fall Corn Maze, Animals and Pumpkins!!!

Come out and enjoy the great outdoors here at Hubb’s Farm

Sept. 26 – Nov. 7, 2020

Click Here For To Purchase Tickets

The educational field trips consist of age/grade appropriate lessons based on the chosen tour theme, a visit to Animal Acres, and other interactive stations that are all part of our educational experiernce. Hubb’s Crops of Fun Playland is also included with each tour. 

It’s easy for people to find a reason to get together. The question is: WHERE? Don’t worry – Hubb’s Farm has the answer. We’ve got the perfect setting for your next birthday party, corporate event, anniversary, youth outing, or any other event!



Don’t miss out on this event, a must see for Christmas 2019!

Saturday, November 30, 2019