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Hubb’s Farm Summer, Fall, and Christmas 2020

Hubb’s Farm is in the process of planning fun stay-cation opportunities for you, your family and friends.  Things are changing so fast due to COVID-19 that we can not keep our website updated. 

So far we have welcomed socially distanced guests to our farm with our Summer Drive-N Movie Series.  That was a success and we plan to do another drive-n series during the fall.  We will have nights that are open to the public and we are also booking private  drive-n experiences for large groups such as military groups, churches, private schools, family reunions and more.  If you would like details on a private movie night, contact us at info@hubbsfarmnc.com .

 We are have scheduled a couple of Summer Fun Days on the farm and depending on the success may schedule more.  All tickets are sold in advance so please make sure to purchase before you head out the door.  Purchase your tickets for Summer Fun Days now.  

We are already booking tickets for field trips to the farm.  As we work to get our system set up you may contact give Tammy a call at 910-564-6709 or email her at tammyp@hubbsfarmnc.com to schedule your group.  Field trips to Hubb’s Farm will look different this year as we navigate COVID-19 and keeping you, our staff and family safe, however the experience will still be GREAT! We at Hubb’s Farm will not settle for any less.  

Hubb’s Farm – Your Year-Round Destination For Fun!

Hubb’s Farm is a favorite family destination throughout the year. Our agritourism farm offers family fun for all ages, with major spring, fall and Christmas events. We also welcome thousands of participants to our farm each season for educational tours.

Anytime our farm is not open for a scheduled event, it is available to be rented for private birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events and more. We are also a great location for major group sponsored events. Call us at 910-564-6709 and we’ll tailor an outing to your group’s specific needs.


What an interesting time 2020 has been so far!

We are in the process of planning events for summer, fall and winter.  More to come.  Please keep in mind that the activities and pricing that you see for the fall and winter events are for 2019.  Due to COVID-19 we have not yet published events or pricing for fall and winter.  We hope to have our website updated as soon as we receive more guidance about North Carolina’s Phase 3 Opening.  More to come.


It’s Almost Time For Spring!

Spring is almost around the corner and we are ready for Spring Day 2020!

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The educational field trips consist of age/grade appropriate lessons based on the chosen tour theme, a visit to Animal Acres, and other interactive stations that are all part of our educational experiernce. Hubb’s Crops of Fun Playland is also included with each tour. 

It’s easy for people to find a reason to get together. The question is: WHERE? Don’t worry – Hubb’s Farm has the answer. We’ve got the perfect setting for your next birthday party, corporate event, anniversary, youth outing, or any other event!



Don’t miss out on this event, a must see for Christmas 2019!

Saturday, November 30, 2019